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Patient Information

Whilst we deal almost exclusively with dentists, we never forget that the ‘end user’ of our restorations is you, the patient. So we do our utmost to provide you with whatever information you might seek. We would even welcome a visit to the lab to see how it’s all done – you only have to ask!

Shade Matching

Perfectly matching the shades of your new and existing teeth, and of your gum, demands the eye, touch and experience of a consummate artist.

No two teeth are the same – indeed there are many gradations of both colour and translucency within each individual tooth. And, of course, the colours change in response to the heat of firing. Think ‘Wedgewood’ or ‘Royal Crown Derby’ and you’ll begin to appreciate why shade matching is such a time consuming task.

Restoring Dentists

If you’re impressed by what you see on our website and would like Ceramic Designs to create your new tooth or teeth, the following General Dentists currently use the services of our laboratory. If yours is not on our list, you can always ask them to consider ‘placing your order’ here!

Cuckfield Dental Practice

Lewes High Street Dental Practice

Vitality Dentist West Sussex

Billingshurst Dental Practice

Duke Street Dental Centre

North Street Dental Practice

Warwick Park Dental Practice

Vitality Dental

Gresham Dental Practice

01444 455171

The Lodge Dental Practice

Oak Lodge Dental Practice

Warren House Dental Practice

Elm House Dental Practice

Dream Smile Dental Clinic

Dental Healthcare Practice
01403 259717