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The Process

Creating your new tooth begins with us taking an impression of your mouth.

  • From the impression we make a mould, from which we create an exact replica of your jaw including, where relevant, the precise position of your new implant
  • If your implant’s at the front, we’ll make and fit a temporary tooth (or teeth) before you leave, so you’ll never be left with a visible gap
  • Using 3D software we determine, onscreen and in remarkable virtual reality, the perfect size, shape and ideal alignment of your new tooth in relation to your existing teeth
  • These complex measurements are sent to our milling machine, which precisely mills your new tooth from zirconia discs housed within
  • Once this process is complete, we transfer it to the furnace for overnight firing, to give it the extreme durability required
  • To guarantee an exceptionally accurate colour match for your new tooth our technician – working under daylight bulbs – will take detailed notes of the colour, translucency and colour gradation of your existing teeth
  • Then, with considerable artistry, they’ll build up the colours on your new tooth, layer by layer. Once fired in the furnace, it’ll be a beautiful match for your natural teeth
  • After removing your new tooth from its replica jaw, we carefully screw it into your implant or send it to your own dentist to complete your restoration

As you can see, a huge amount of time, expertise, care and technology goes into the creation and fitting of your new tooth…

Quality and Consistency

You can rest assured that we always use materials of the highest quality for the purposes required, and that the technical standards and abilities of our staff are constantly increasing to keep pace with industry developments.

  • We use only branded, CE-marked items. Genuine component parts, never Chinese imports
  • We ensure that all our furnaces and mills are calibrated regularly and frequently
  • We run quality controls at every stage – from casting models to finished case
  • Stringent final checks are always carried out by our senior technicians
  • We make sure that all our technicians exceed their CPD minimum requirements
  • We provide ongoing training and advanced courses for all staff.

We leave nothing to chance.