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We offer a comprehensive, ever-expanding capability in restoring all aspects of implant work – from simple single-unit to complex multi-implant, full-mouth rehabilitation. We also create bespoke individual crowns to order.

From your point of view as our client, it’s essential that the quality of our customer liaison matches that of our technical services. This means being available to answer your questions, offer suggestions and help resolve problems whenever you need us. Accordingly we’re happy to welcome you here in person or discuss your case over the phone (or, if it helps, via Skype) throughout your working day


All of our ceramics are scanned, designed, milled and veneered in house by our own skilled technicians.

We find that the most aesthetically pleasing results come from veneering porcelain onto zirconia substructures. This type of crown allows us to mimic the look of a natural tooth incredibly closely.

We regularly undertake combination work and, where crowns are required both on natural teeth and implants, we encourage surgeons to restore them all at the same time for optimum results.


We design and fashion screw-retained, full-arch ‘smartfix’ bridgework in house, fabricating from any approved material – fibre-reinforced plastics (Trinia, Peek, BioHpp) or milled metal (titanium, cobalt chrome).

All of these substructures can be wrapped in composite or acrylic using either stock teeth or custommade, individual composite teeth. The cobalt-chrome can be faced with either ceramic or composite and, finally, milled zirconia, in full or reduced contour