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Our lab is fully equipped with all the technology you would expect of a first-class dental laboratory, and perhaps some you wouldn’t!

Where relevant, we always seek to invest in the very latest equipment available to facilitate both service improvements and the cutting edge research and development we undertake as part of our raison d’etre.

Research & Development

Ceramic Designs is at the forefront of the research and development of smarter and better techniques and materials for dental restoration.

This dynamic drive for industry-wide innovation has been greatly benefited – and fuelled – by the close working relationship we enjoy with The Implant Centre in Hove. Although completely independent of each other, sharing premises has encouraged close collaboration. Surgeons and technicians drive each other forward, each pushing the boundaries of materials and techniques, generating new demands and opportunities. All in all, an extremely fertile environment for progress.

Recent instances of our ongoing innovation include (CLICK FOR MORE DETAILS):