Clinical case study by Tony

Upper and Lower thimble bridges



Case study

This full mouth rehabilitation was fabricated using ZirkonZahn milled substructures and ZirkonZahn designed and milled individual zirconia units on the upper and LL4 – LR4 zirconia units on the lower. The lower posterior units were fabricated using breCAM.HIPC.

With the lower posterior units being sacrificial, this avoids any chipping and or damage to the upper restorations. Another benefit to using a resin-based material in the lower is that it avoids the harsh impact as the teeth meet.



After the restorations were finished the gum work was fabricated using the Zikonzahn composite gum coloured material.

This case was produced and designed by the fantastically talented team at our lab and resulted in a happy dentist and even happier client who is able to smile with confidence again. 

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